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At The Law Office of Joseph W. Creed, our attorneys have spent years developing our civil litigation practice in the Federal and State Courts of California and Washington. During this time, our civil trial litigation attorneys have honed their skills in a wide variety of civil suits covering an array of issues in Federal Civil Rights Trials, business law, real estate law and personal injury. 

We have enjoyed a track record of success in a number of specific areas, including:

  • Federal Civil Rights/Use of Force Defense for LAPD
  • Business Torts
  • Real Estate Wrongful Foreclosure Claims
  • Harassment Claims

Often, it is possible to address legal difficulties before they explode into full-blown litigation, saving everyone concerned time, effort, and money.  We are ready to meet the highest standards of civil trial litigation.

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With a practice that focuses on the representation of consumers and small businesses they aggressively address the legal maze their clients find themselves in and bring a sense of clarity and calm.  Specializing in the areas of Real Estate, Business Law, Personal Finance and Family Law, Creed Law was founded on a strong commitment to provide their clients with a personal service that set them apart from most law firms,  and the valued legal counsel that Creed Law has a reputation for.

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